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Cheating Wife Story of the Virgin Bride

On September 22, 1962 I married an absolutely gorgeous little Spanish woman from Texas. She had a beautiful Spanish name that was hard to pronounce so we settled on calling her My Cheating Wife. My Cheating Wife was so beautiful and sexy I couldn't believe that I was lucky enough to have her marry me. I fell in love with her the first moment that I saw her.

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I realized when she married me that she didn't really love me like I loved her but was marrying me because it would get her a start in a new life. My Cheating Wife was twenty-two years old when we were married and was still a virgin, thanks to her very strict parents. She was very tired of not getting to go anywhere by herself or do anything exciting because her parents thought that some man would take advantage of her. With My Cheating Wife's beautiful face and gorgeous sexy body they were probably right. We never engaged in petting or sex when we were going together because of her parent's demands that My Cheating Wife remained a virgin until she was married. Respecting this I never made any real strong advances to respect this wonderful young woman. During our conversations we sometimes discussed sex. I made it known that my fantasy was to have a very hot and sexy wife that would be willing to become an insatiable whore willing to let other men service her sexy body. On the day we were married My Cheating Wife was very happy to have the chance at a new life that she hoped would be much more exciting. After the wedding ceremony we had a small reception.

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During the reception many of the men paid to dance with the bride. This was supposed to give the new couple an extra cash gift to use in starting a new household. As the reception went on My Cheating Wife gradually getting smashed as she celebrated getting married. As My Cheating Wife continued to get drunk she became bolder and wilder with the men at the reception that were paying to dance with her. As she danced with them the straps of her wedding dress gradually fell down her shoulders letting her dress slip lower and lower. As her dress slipped lower and revealed more of her beautiful tits the men began to show even more interest in dancing with her. Most of them knew that she was a virgin and began telling her that they sure would like to be the lucky one that got to make love to her first. She loved hearing how excited they were looking at her while they were dancing with her. As we were dancing together at the reception My Cheating Wife wanted to know if I was interested in my sexual fantasy about my wife to really come true that night. When she asked me that question I became very excited. I said that if she really wanted to and thought she could let other men fuck her that would be a wonderful surprise for me and I would love it. My Cheating Wife said that some of the men dancing with her were urging her to let them have sex with her in what they called a money fuck. They told her that what she was getting from the money dance was chump change compared to what they would be willing to pay for the chance of getting to fuck her tight little pussy.

My Cheating Wife told eight of the men she was excited and ready to participate in this money fuck and invited them to come over to our apartment after the reception. When we finally went back to our apartment she said that she wanted to surprise me and make my fantasy come true tonight so she had invited eight of the men from the reception money dance to come over to dance and have sex with her. My Cheating Wife told me that she had invited them over because she had become very excited and was willing to become a whore tonight like I wanted her to be in my fantasy.

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Her group of eight men arrived shortly and as My Cheating Wife began getting them all something to drink she had several drinks herself. As she got drunker and sexier the men began to talk to her about the money fuck. When My Cheating Wife told them that she was ready to do it the eight men decided that they would each pay her two hundred dollars to be part of the money fuck. After deciding that they were each were going to pay two hundred dollars to get to fuck my sexy wife they started bidding to see which one was willing to pay the most and get to be the lucky one to take My Cheating Wife's virginity. The winner bid an additional two hundred dollars to be the first one to shove his hard cock into My Cheating Wife's warm wet virgin pussy and take her cherry making a real woman out of her. As they were bidding on her My Cheating Wife lay back in the recliner and pulled her wedding dress up revealing her white bikini panties. She slid her fingers under the leg openings and pulled them up into the slit of her pussy as the men went wild. After settling the bidding war they were getting very eager to get to the matter at hand, letting the winner take My Cheating Wife's virginity so they could take their turns at fucking her tight little pussy.

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With the bidding over My Cheating Wife began dancing some more with the men as she began slowly removing her clothes one piece at a time. The men began necking and feeling her up as she continued taking off her clothes getting closer and closer to being nude. When she unhooked her bra and her gorgeous big tits sprang out I thought that some of the old men were going to have a heart attack. They couldn't believe how big her tits were and yet how firm they were with almost no sag. My Cheating Wife said that even though they were big she wished that they were twice as big and that someday she was going to have them made bigger. With all of them eager to get started My Cheating Wife escorted the winner of the bid for her virginity into the bedroom. I was very excited because I always wanted my wife to be a horny slut and it was about to become true. Even though I wanted my wife to be a whore I also had some reservations because I also wanted my cock to be the first one into her virgin pussy. I decided that if I wasn't going be first than I certainly was going to watch her loose her virginity and become a full-fledged woman. Looking into the bedroom I watched as My Cheating Wife coyly took off her panties and lay down on the bed wearing only her garterbelt and stockings. She blushed shyly as the man who was to be her first lover came over and climbed into the bed with her. He began kissing and fondling her as he prepared her for losing her virginity.

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He alternately kissed her lips as he occasionally leaned down and kissing and sucking on her beautiful erect nipples. As they were kissing her began to play with her virgin pussy. My Cheating Wife was very quickly responding as she began to breathe very heavily. After about thirty minutes of this foreplay My Cheating Wife was extremely hot and her pussy was very wet. He had My Cheating Wife spread her legs as he climbed on top and prepared to penetrate her virgin pussy. Placing the tip of his cock at the entrance of her wet pussy he asked her if she was sure that she wanted to do this. My Cheating Wife quickly said Yes, please fuck me now, I can't wait any longer. Very slowly he penetrated her until he felt the resistance of her virginity. He asked her if she was ready and when she nodded he quickly entered her completely with one quick thrust. He quickly asked her if he had hurt her but she said that it didn't hurt very much so he began to rhythmically pump his cock in and out of her. Very quickly she began to meet his thrusts with counter thrusts of her own as she began to enjoy her first sexual encounter.

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My Cheating Wife began moaning and thrashing around and after only a short time her entire body suddenly went rigid as she let out a small scream and growl as she reached her first orgasm. Shortly after she reached her orgasm he climaxed and filled her pussy with its first load of sperm. He smiled at My Cheating Wife and said you were wonderful. As he came out into the front room he said Wow!! That's one sexy woman and what a tight wonderful pussy. You guys sure are going to have some fun tonight. My Cheating Wife came staggering into the front room naked except for her stockings and garter belt. As drunk as she was she was all smiles and had a beautiful flush on her face that said she had just been fucked for the first time and had enjoyed it very much. My Cheating Wife wasn't the same person who had gone into the bedroom a little while before. She was now a hot sexy complete woman ready for action. My Cheating Wife had another drink and quickly escorted her next eager donator into the bedroom to let him service her horny young pussy.

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Looking in on them was almost a repeat of her first session a few minutes earlier. My Cheating Wife continued to come and get another man to fuck her as soon as the previous one was through. She would get another drink and taking the arm of another man would head back into the bedroom to let him get his share of her in this money fuck. My Cheating Wife continued to have another drink each time she came out to get another of the men to service her. By the time she had finally finished with the eighth man she was so drunk that she could hardly stand much less walk as she staggered out naked into the front room to tell her donor's goodbye. She had a very satisfied look on her face but her body looked very used as she thanked them for everything as they left. My young wife was so drunk and exhausted that she fell into bed and almost immediately passed out. Not wanting to be completely left out of the celebration I climbed into bed and with her back to me slipped my rock hard cock into her gaping slippery well used cunt as I also went to sleep. When My Cheating Wife and I got up in the morning she was still very excited and happy. She said that she hoped that I was happy with her and that I had enjoyed how she acted the night before because she found that she loved sex and had really had a lot of fun letting these men fuck her. My Cheating Wife said I hope you never change your mind about letting other men have me because I'm going to become a whore and there's going to be lots of men fucking me from now on. While we were talking My Cheating Wife suddenly looked very concerned and said she suddenly remembered something that might be a big problem. When I asked My Cheating Wife what the problem was she said that she had gone to the doctor for a prescription for birth control pills. She said that he had given her the pills but she was in the middle of her cycle and she hadn't started talking them yet.

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She said that as she had gotten drunk and horny she forgot all about the fact that she wasn't protected from getting pregnant so there was a very good chance that one of the men might have bred her and made her pregnant the night before. About three months later the doctor confirmed that My Cheating Wife was definitely pregnant. Although we did not know for sure we figured that the lucky man who fucked her first and took her virginity had probably been the one to breed her and make her pregnant. We decided that it really didn't matter who had gotten her pregnant. All that was important was that she was going to have our baby. In July 1963, My Cheating Wife gave birth to a beautiful little baby girl, which was the greatest thing in our lives. When My Cheating Wife had told me that she loved sex and that she was going to be a whore and have sex with as many men as she could handle she was understating her future actions. For the next seventeen years she went out four or five nights a week getting fucked by twenty five to thirty men each week. During these years she let thousands and thousands of men fuck her horny little pussy. Very few of the men that fucked My Cheating Wife were repeat performances. There were only a handful of men that she fell for that she let service her horny body more than once. She found it much more exciting to go out and have sex with men she had never been with before.

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