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As we are all aware, relationships are built around friendship, commitment and trust. However, being a cheating spouse (or the idea of it) has always been an idea that a man or woman has considered during the course of any relationship. The idea of being a cheating spouse presents something enticing that offers excitement and trouble all at the same time. Unfortunately for many, getting caught is inevitable and can become the beginning of the end for the relationship. But let's face it, you are an idiot if you cheat on your partner. If you don't want to be with the person, tell them and move on. Who knows maybe your partner will entertain the idea of a third party...

CHEATING SPOUSE RULE 1: Keep track of your lies

Nothing will ruin the art of being a cheating spouse more than not knowing which lies go with which situation. Forgetting that you were supposed to go get milk and instead come back with a sweat-soaked shirt and an excuse you used last week leaves your spouse to think you were getting other sources of protein. Having your lies set up before you go on your booty call is the quickest way to getting a Bachelors degree in the Science of being A cheating spouse.

CHEATING SPOUSE RULE 2: Keep your lies to a minimum

The most successful cheating spouses I know (believe me, I know a lot) are always on top of their cheating spouse adventures because they keep them as simple as possible. Telling your significant other that you need to help your manager plan next quarter's market analysis provides you with that window of opportunity for that weekend hook-up. However, do not and I mean DO NOT add lies on top of lies. Telling your spouse that you are working on the company's market analysis every Saturday afternoon followed by extra public relations work in the evening will have him or her asking questions about everything you did that day. This is why adding lies on top of lies will get you in trouble faster than a fat kid eats a Kit Kat and it will leave you with no one to blame but yourself.

CHEATING SPOUSE RULE 3: Do NOT tell your friends you are a cheating spouse

Even though they will always say, I won't tell anyone putting a friend in the position to screw up your relationship is the worst thing you could do. Anybody who has juicy gossip is going to fumble the ball sooner or later. This has recently happened to a cheating spouse friend of mine who told a group of friends about his booty call. Two hours and a six-pack later, everybody at the party new about the other girl and the next day he was on his ass looking for a new roommate. So what have we learned from this lesson? Don't be a Dick, tell no one about your BEING A cheating spouse.

CHEATING SPOUSE RULE 4: Do NOT be A cheating spouse with your partner's friend

Let's take a second to think about this. Should I sleep with someone that nobody knows or her best friend since high school? Hmm, that's a tough one.

CHEATING SPOUSE RULE 5: Keep yourself clean

Always be prepared to have the cleaning products needed to keep you from getting caught. Perfume or cologne should be used to disguise any smell, but try not to overdo it. As well, make sure to check for male/female hair on your clothes. Finally, do not keep your booty call's underwear in your glove compartment. You are just asking to get caught.

CHEATING SPOUSE RULE 6: Do NOT become the victim of a set schedule

So you call your booty call every Friday night for the hook up right? Yeah genius, a twelve year old could pick up on that habit.

CHEATING SPOUSE RULE 7: Keep your cool if confronted on your cheating spouse ways

Why is there a song out that talks about a girl crying, stuttering over her words and basically sealing her doom as a cheating bitch? It is because she did not have, as I like to say her game face on. Stressful situations will always affect people, but the key is to manage these stressful affects. Maintaining a calm and patient manner will quickly resolve any pressing questions your spouse or significant other throws at you. Besides, if the President of the United States is able to keep his composure in front of his family, Kenneth Starr and millions of television viewers that he, did not have sexual relations than why can't you?


Since your cheating spouse ways are putting your partner at risk for STDs, make sure to use protection. Its the least you can do for your partner.

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