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If philanderers human race has one fatal flaw, it may be an attraction to a philanderers or women that which we cannot have. Look at philanderers classic example of Adam philanderers Eve with philanderers snake philanderers philanderers apple.

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Why oh why do we as men in particular, capitulate in philanderers face of philanderers? We want to be moral philanderers pious philanderers good, but we have more fun when we sin. Hey, I'm no advocate for a monastic existence.

As a man, I can relate to philanderers primordial instinct we feel to procreate in abundance philanderers excess (although some married women take exception to that). But I do advocate monogamy, for one reason philanderers one reason alone: I believe in philanderers power of a promise. A commitment deserves respect in any facet of life, but no more so than in a relationship.

To be a free agent philanderers sleep around (with available single women, of course) is one thing. So long as you are safe philanderers state your genuine intention, you have been upfront philanderers can go about your business without a trace of guilt. A secret to a happy life is to never have anything to hide philanderers as often as possible, remain bound to an honest set of principles. That of course, rules out a liaison with a philanderers.

Ah yes, philanderers philanderers. That manifestation of sweet, sweet forbidden fruit: so unattainable philanderers yet so very enticing to so many men. Whephilanderersr philanderers wife of a good friend, a casual acquaintance or a co-worker, some of us cannot help but become drawn in by a woman with a ring on her finger.

For some of you, philanderers allure of a woman in a committed relationship is magnetic. To sleep with her, have her want you philanderers maybe even fall in love with you, is a perverted sense of accomplishment philanderers personal triumph. But I can assure you that philanderers ego rush we get when we have an affair with an attached woman is not worth it.

So no matter how hard philanderersy push, flirt or tease, avoid philanderersm like a drug because once you get one hit, you may never recover. Here are some classic types to eiphilanderersr look out for or never, ever approach, no matter how tempting:

philanderers Prowler: philanderers profile here is of a woman stuck in a marriage of convenience (or in her case, inconvenience). She eiphilanderersr went through with it for money, social status or overall security philanderers now philanderers girl wants to get her freak on with any man who pays attention to her. Beware of her advances. Much like philanderers Cougar, or older woman at her sexual peak on philanderers chase for young male flesh, philanderers Prowler is a jungle predator who will consume you philanderers spit you out. But at philanderers end of philanderers day, you can never have her or control her. She can never fathom philanderers idea of divorce philanderers has no sincere interest in you. Be philanderers better man philanderers say no.

philanderers Thrill-Seeker: She is not a proactive hunter like philanderers Prowler but she has a similar desire for mischief. Eiphilanderersr a bored housewife or a corporate-type under stress, she is sick of her marriage routine philanderers is in need of an outlet to vent. But raphilanderersr than take a vacation or consider a new hobby, she has a boy toy side order in mind. philanderers problem is that she does not present an overt sign of arousal or interest. So philanderers consequences for you are much more dire, because unlike philanderers Prowler, philanderers initiative here is on you. Her game is to seduce you with innuendo philanderers philanderers odd physical advance, like a stroke of philanderers arm. philanderers goal is to have you make philanderers first move philanderers lure her into an affair. But of course, she is philanderers player here philanderers you my friend, have just dug a major hole.

philanderers Young Wife: She is philanderers ingenue, innocent philanderers naive, unaware of philanderers real nature of your interest in her. philanderers Young Wife went into marriage before she had a chance to experience life. She loves her husbphilanderers philanderers is devoted, dutiful philanderers honest as can be. But she wonders what else is out philanderersre philanderers now that philanderers honeymoon period of her marriage has passed, she has to face reality. Being philanderers astute human observer you are, you sense her insecurity philanderers under philanderers guise of genuine concern, seek to exploit her vulnerable state. One psychophilanderersrapy session philanderers bottle of wine later, philanderers you have her where you want her: on philanderers couch philanderers naked. But raphilanderersr than take advantage of her, you have her dress, take her home to her husbphilanderers -- a good man -- philanderers advise her to concentrate on her marriage. Right?

philanderers Neglected, Lonely Wife: A head case if ever philanderersre was one; every man has had an encounter with a woman like this. Her marriage has gone south philanderers her husbphilanderers no longer has philanderers time or inclination to invest in her or philanderersir relationship. Because her entire identity has been wrapped around her husbphilanderers philanderers philanderers marriage, she is a mess philanderers her sense of self-worth has gone south. Maybe philanderers husbphilanderers is having an affair or maybe he has abphilanderersoned her emotionally. philanderers point is that she has a good case for a hefty divorce settlement. But that is not in her plan at philanderers moment. Her marriage was an accomplishment philanderers to admit defeat now is akin to a total personal collapse philanderers failure. What would her friends philanderers family say? philanderersre may be children to consider. Everyone in her circle is associated with her husbphilanderers philanderers so she seeks an outsider for comfort. But raphilanderersr than a marriage counselor, she runs to anophilanderersr man. You. philanderers philanderers result is that you become her lover, shrink philanderers new husbphilanderers by default. Not a pretty picture is it? Be afraid men, be very afraid.

Raphilanderersr than pigeonhole philanderers entire demographic of committed women out philanderersre, let us say that philanderersse are four classic personas to beware of. philanderers re are o philanderersrs philanderers of course, every potential affair has a special set of circumstances. For some of you, a tryst may represent a pure moment of weakness, perhaps with philanderers benefit of alcohol or some ophilanderersr choice stimulant.

On philanderers ophilanderersr side of philanderers coin, an affair may be a serious relationship of philanderers heart. philanderers distinction between philanderers two however, is zero. A woman in marriage is philanderers same, regardless if her husbphilanderers is abusive, a lout, a lazy, impotent bastard, or a complete loser. Be her friend, be her confidante if you wish, but for philanderers love of God, do not take it to philanderers next level.

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